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Migrants in the UK live in hotels for 2.5 billion HUF per day

Migrants in the UK live in hotels for 2.5 billion HUF per day

British taxpayers spend two and a half billion forints every day to accommodate migrants arriving in the UK. The government is tired of this, which is why it is now providing more modest housing conditions to illegal immigrants who have been living in hotels so far. In the first step, a giant ship was converted for them, so many of them can now wait in port for their asylum claim to be assessed.

The British government will put 500 immigrants on a huge boat in the coming period. The three-deck vessel is stationed in the Port of Portland and

It will only be populated by single men who can wait for their asylum application to be assessed here.

“In sheltering immigrants, we will meet all the obvious basic requirements. But we cannot risk attracting millions of people here as a magnet, who will come because the living conditions here are good.” – said the British Minister of Immigration, adding that they are working to accommodate as many immigrants as possible in the barracks and on board the ships.

£6 million a day

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that he would like to reduce the cost the government currently spends on housing illegal immigrants in every possible way. He said housing migrants in hotels is not sustainable. Currently, 51,000 illegal immigrants live in 400 hotels across the country. This costs the British taxpayer £6 million, or two and a half billion forints, every day.

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“We are looking at other alternative accommodation options because we have to save money and we can’t put such pressure on hotels. It’s all part of a plan to crack down on illegal immigration into the UK. We are working to bring the bill to parliament, which states that no There is a chance to stay in the country if someone came here illegally.” – said the British Prime Minister.

According to the London government’s plans, anyone who enters the UK illegally will be deported from the country within 28 days. Those who arrive from safe countries are sent back to their countries of origin, and if that is not possible, the migrants are taken to Rwanda. There are currently 166,000 people waiting for the British authorities to decide whether they can stay in Britain.

Image shown is illustration: Illegal immigrants picked up in the English Channel arrive on board a British Border Patrol ship in Dover on November 14, 2022. On this day, the French and British Home Ministers signed an agreement to stop the flow of illegal immigration through the English Channel to Great Britain, which Organized largely by human smugglers. (Photo: MTI/EPA/Stuart Brock)

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