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Microsoft is redesigning something in Windows 11 again - let's say what it will be

Microsoft is redesigning something in Windows 11 again – let’s say what it will be

According to the signals, Microsoft continues to transform elements of Windows 11 – inherited from the previous Windows – that have not yet been adapted to the operating system’s Mica design language. The company has an additional dialogue in the latest version of the developer version of the operating system exposure for treatment in question.

Dialog Box “Open As…”

This is nothing but an “Open With…” “Open As…” dialog, which users can see when they try to open a document on their PC that doesn’t have it (still) The associated application, or the respective point is specifically selected in the File Manager after right-clicking on the selected file. The respective dialog then allows them to select – and even find and download – the program they want to open the file with.

Left is the old, right is the new “Open As…” dialog in Windows 11 (Image: WindowsLatest)

This window has remained virtually unchanged over the years since Windows 7, but Microsoft has now subjected it to an overhaul. So much so that not only has its overall appearance changed, but also its structure, which now offers more options than before. Additionally, it better separates the option to search for new apps in the App Store, which until now was just one of many options, but now appears as a separate link in the window.

It will also be easier to change the link

Also new is that you can now change the default setting (the associated app) with a single click. Until now, this used to require two clicks (on one hand to select the checkbox and on the other hand to press the OK button), but from now on you can do it with a single click using the dedicated button. The other button also indicates that the currently selected program will only be used once – if we do not decide to change the association.

It is not yet known when users of stable versions of Windows 11 will be able to see the new Open As dialog. Since Microsoft has already finished the 22H2 version of the system, in fact, it may soon be available for download, so it is called one at the most The innovation will also be available to ordinary users in the form of a “feature update” or perhaps in 23H2, which will be released next year.

Continuous transformation

The Open As window is among the many things Microsoft is converting to the new design language. After the Start menu and taskbar — which really came with the new look in the original version of Windows 11 — over the past year, the company has subjected built-in apps like Calendar, Calculator, and Notepad to similar treatment, but the file manager has also been changed, but, for example, has also been redesigned. Volume and brightness control panels.

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