Medvedev: "The enemies of Russia will do everything to destroy the economy"

Medvedev: “The enemies of Russia will do everything to destroy the economy”

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council complained in a telegram that the Arctic Council had seen it again without Russia.

In a letter to Telegram, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, warned that the country’s “enemies” may be preparing for further economic sanctions against the Russian economy:

Everyone knows that our enemies, desperately trying to destroy the Russian economy, will do everything. “More and more sanctions will be imposed on us, and we will be expelled from all kinds of organizations, for reasons said,” he added. TASZSZ Bear Bear.

Regarding the latter, the former prime minister said that the Arctic Council, which includes seven member states plus Russia, resumed its meetings without Russia:

“It suddenly seems out of their minds that the largest region of the Arctic is under the control of Russia, where more than half of the indigenous population lives and a lot of economic activity takes place there. They can hold as many gatherings without Russia as they want, but if they make decisions that ignore the interests of the greatest power in the Arctic North, all this is meaningless.”

According to the official, “these decisions are not at all binding” on Russia. Moreover, he sees that joint efforts to protect and develop the Arctic will come to a complete halt, although that is exactly what the Council was established for. However, according to Medvedev, “this is their problem, not Russia’s.”

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