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Marxist Borbas mourns – Repost

Marxist Borbas mourns – Repost

Every Gastroangel fan knows it. Edith HansikIn Slovenia, in Dobrona, they often took turns. Marxist Borbas Cameras show, where Edith also lived with her husband and ran their Hancsik Falusi Turizmus farm. The beautiful place, Muravidék, has entered the hearts of many of us through the educational series on the digestive system, as well as Joseph Edith. The village cooking art of the old days was passed down so authentically that even those who had lived in the city all their lives had a desire to slaughter a pig. Edith knew all the ins and outs of cooking, which he was happy to share with the audience. Although he did not want to, he gained a lot of fans.

Marxist Borbas announced the sad news on his social media page (Image: Mediaworks Archive)

According to Marxist Borbas, Edith was a special person.

When in 2019 Marxist Borbas He announced that he would end Gastroangel, and he didn't have to. From Edith Nor to say goodbye forever. Not after then… It wasn't long before the TV was back on screen. Marxist Cookbook Borbas With his show, viewers were able to see the woman from Moravidek again, as she was a regular guest of the presenter at her home in Guardia.

Now the TV host has shared devastating news on his Facebook page: release gold. He says releasewho was always cheerful, smiling and could laugh like no other. Even now, his laughter still rings in our ears, making him so. Not only Marxist Borbasbut also All his fans mourned him.We will no longer receive from him more and more wonderful recipes, and we can preserve his memory only through the recordings in which he appeared so often.

“We will never forget”

“The world has become a sadder place. Our liberation left us yesterday. Words cannot express how much he will be missed.”

Every meeting, every photo shoot was an experience with him, and his joy and radiant energy constantly fed us.

“He visited me a few weeks ago, and we were filming the first broadcast in September. We were just talking about how important it is for people to live their days with joy, and that you don’t have to take everything so seriously. He said how strange it was for him to have fans visit Dobronak to meet him. There’s nothing strange about that. He was a special person who we will never forget!” Dear Edith, rest in peace and smile at us many angels!It can be read Marxist Borbas On his social page.

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