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Location, camera, microphone: ChromeOS puts all the controls at your fingertips

Location, camera, microphone: ChromeOS puts all the controls at your fingertips

Most of the updates in the announcement will primarily affect enterprise users, but location and privacy settings will affect everyone. the As mentioned Chrome OS Provides users with enhanced control over data protection, including geo-location control and app-level permissions for camera, microphone, and geolocation services. According to the official blog, the goal is to “enhance user productivity and transparency in a single hub for all privacy controls.”

All keys are managed by the user

These changes come on the heels of those announced by the company last year, namely Users can turn camera and microphone access on or off system-wide. After the update, users who have access turned off will be asked if they want to turn on their microphone or camera when a website tries to access – Writes AndroidCentral.

Here you can check whether the Cyber ​​Protection Directive may affect your workplace and indirectly you

Here you can check whether the Cyber ​​Protection Directive may affect your workplace and indirectly you

Geolocation control allows users to individually specify which apps and services can access their location. the 9to5 according to Google Enhanced controls disable Google location services: These It is available in Security and Privacy settings and can be enabled there.

It can bring peace

In its official blog, the company used Instagram as an example of app-level permissions. According to this, the user can individually control the application and access to it, including the permissions granted by him, for example, regarding the camera. Turning it on will allow the app to access the user's camera, Turning it off will completely prevent the app from doing this.

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Also, if the user toggles the switch to the active (on) state, Instagram will only be able to access it when the app is in use, otherwise it will be blocked. This level of control will involve multiple applications, It will allow users to do the same for the microphone, allowing users to decide how these features and apps interact with them.

Overall, with this update, users can feel comfortable knowing that they have as much control as possible over what external actors can see and discover.

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