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LEGO 2K Engine Test – Test PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PS5 / Xbox Series X

LEGO 2K Engine Test – Test PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PS5 / Xbox Series X

The latest LEGO racing game can provide excellent entertainment for many people: in addition to Mario Kart fans, it can also be enjoyed by those who have grown up with the way Lego Racers are built.

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The other day I tried to calculate how many video games I played as a kid and which one was my favorite. The list wasn’t complete, but it turned out that there were relatively few titles that made a huge impact on me. These are the works I’m thinking of now for my childhood gameswhich was published in 1999 occupies a prominent place in the list LEGO Racers. So, in retrospect, it’s a bit hard to say what caught my eye the most at the time, since it wasn’t the best arcade go-kart game, but for some reason it managed to stand out. Perhaps it was very important that it could be built, moreover, from LEGO elements, some of which I already had. The quadruple sorting of the head, body and feet of figurines is not a complicated invention from the point of view of video gamers, but in relation to LEGO, this was exactly what could be done in reality, which can also be said of construction vehicles. In view of this, it is probably not surprising that when the download code of the test topic arrived, many members of the editorial team jumped on it, but in the end it came to me, so I started to test the LEGO 2K Drive with great excitement.

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The first few minutes of the game were disappointing, but not because the game is bad, but because in my heart I was expecting a new reincarnation of Lego Racers, even though the almost 25-year-old game mechanics wouldn’t work today. . But thankfully, I didn’t have to rewire my brain to get on the nostalgia train, as I quickly got to the parts I’ve been waiting for that made the prequel so great at the time. And this is certainly the constructive part, fantastically realized by the Visual Concepts studio, which previously made sports games almost exclusively (NBA and WWE, and formerly the NHL series). It might seem a little strange to start a game show with this, but I’m sure the developers and publisher felt this part was important, and they knew full well that at least some gamers would spend as much time. Specifically race based. Or not, but I really think that would be the case in reality.

Even aimless wandering can be fun for a while.
Even aimless wandering can be fun for a while. [+]

So the building part was great, we could create different types of vehicles for ourselves, from scratch if needed. There are a lot of items, and players who love to build will be pushed towards racing by the fact that some cubes are unavailable at first, but by racing you can quickly and easily collect the amount of money that can be used to buy. The editing software is very easy to use, we can unpack the cubes quickly and accurately, the camera is easy to use, and many extras help speed up the construction, for example, some elements can be copied one by one. Each building element can be individually colored, the whole process is self-explanatory and not frustrating, and it is very easy to implement our ideas.

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The build mode is great.
The construction situation is hectic. [+]

It hurts, however, that creations cannot be shared with other users, which can certainly be traced back to the microtransaction system: in the section called Unkie’s Emporium, you can also buy ready-made cars for in-game currency, which can be obtained by competing or using real money. It would potentially reduce traffic significantly if proud users could share their hard-earned creations with fellow gamers for free.

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