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Larry movie review

Larry movie review

Adam stutters. stutters a lot. It’s almost impossible to imagine this guy would ever have a chance to rap. However, Adam’s tongue sticks around a lot when no one listens to him. He mainly amuses himself with his writing, because as a bumbling sheepherder from Borsaud, he is not a social person anyway. Restores his loneliness well David Hartung His camera, which often takes the man, who often wanders aimlessly and lonely, as he walks the roads and fields around his residence. Although Adam doesn’t speak much, we can immediately sense that he’s full of anger, which builds and builds inside of him, and which he can’t let out. Coincidence collects it scam do, a local rapper, who collects his little hits at home and immediately notices Adam’s talent. They pull out a song, then send it off to a music talent show as a joke, hoping to quietly make the underdogs into the top 10, and then they can perform in the capital aboard the A38.

Vilmani Bennett as Larry on the A38 platform (Photo: Mozinet)

According to an American recipe in Boursaoud

Bernat Szilard His first feature film could even have been made in Hollywood in terms of its plot. It presents a classic story about a talented young man who is drawn back by his environment, but decides to persevere and show the country and the world how good he is in a great competition. This plot diagram can be applied to many things, but it is mainly used in sports movies, for example, it is based on the same basis in Sylvester Stallonemade a star out of it rocky very.

Larry 2

In the role of Larry: Vilmane Bennett (Photo: Mouzinet)

Of course, a great heroic story can be made from this plot, A.S Larry (In the movie, that would be Adam’s stage name as a rapper), however, its creators are well aware that Ózd is not Philadelphia, and Borsod County

It’s not in the United States, but in Hungary, where the social system was based on the idea that if you’re born a slob, you’ll die as a slob.

In other words, the movie is an exit story from territory that’s almost impossible to get out of, and in light of that it’s no wonder it’s not a fun piece. As playtime goes by, we soon learn that Adam lost his mother and was severely abused by his cop father, though now that he has given up alcohol for some time, the family peace is somewhat restored. The boy earns so much that when he breaks down a car and has to shell out a hundred thousand forints for a new one, he walks out of the auto parts store thinking that’s almost his entire monthly salary. Only the rap and his father’s new girlfriend bring some glimmers of hope to Desperate, who turns to the boy with genuine interest.

A harrowing coming-of-age story from Borsaud

The Larry A simple movie told with simple tools, which can stand out from the field mostly with its authentic environment and the strong performances of its cast. The Vilmani BennettSzabolcs ThuroczyAnna Sandtner All three are excellent, Thuróczy fits the role of a visceral monster who wants to appear human, and Velemani can smuggle such tension into every movement and look of his character that it must be taught. The film is cleverly constructed, the stunning performance of the A38 is energetic and powerful and shot/cut cleverly enough to create real tension in the audience, despite nothing else happening than allowing himself the luxury of swooping in for the first time in his life from all the pain of his life so far, and moreover It’s in an artistic form. It’s just a joke that the jury is played by well-known people – playing themselves – like Alexandra BarberAnd the Robert Bozier And the Marko Linczenyi. Bernat does not allow this Larrytowards a cheap happy ending, but he doesn’t want to leave us in the movie theater with complete despair. He flashes enough joy, exuberance, and rays of hope in the final scene to make us believe Larryin. This is a heartwarming coming-of-age story from Borsod, with plenty of rage and rap.

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“Larry” can be seen in Hungarian cinemas from December 1.

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