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Jamie Dornan's film The Tourist is getting a second life thanks to Netflix

Jamie Dornan's film The Tourist is getting a second life thanks to Netflix

When Elliot wakes up in a hospital in rural Australia with no memory of who he is, it's clear that something is missing. (The prologue begins with his car running off the road, after all.) Despite the familiarity of the amnesia trope within a thrilling setting, in which a seemingly innocent man pieces together his past only to discover something utterly unsavory, “The Tourist” evades the trappings of the genre at the same time Too early. As things get more complicated, Elliot attracts the attention of policewoman Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald), who takes an active interest in his case and helps him, along with other mysterious characters with ulterior motives, who seem to know more than they're letting on.

Season 1 ends with the inevitable revelation that Elliot is not as innocent as he would like to think, but this familiar development is presented in such a taut and meaningful way that how It becomes more important than any other pressing questions. “The Tourist” also finds a way to deliver dark humor through his character, and the juxtaposition between who Elliot really is and who he wishes he could be after developing amnesia remains endlessly fascinating. With crime syndicates and other shadowy organizations involved, there's plenty of relentless action that keeps the narrative action-packed, but the show's real draw lies in the inner lives of the characters, which are often dissected with over-the-top drama just for fun. from him.

With Season 2 of The Tourist coming to Netflix soon, this is the best time to follow Elliot's shenanigans and invest in the inner turmoil of a man whose memory loss may be more of a blessing than the cold and cruel repercussions. fact. Although this isn't the same as Netflix reviving an entirely dead show (as they've done with countless series in the past, including “Arrested Development”), it's undeniable that the streamer distributing both seasons to American audiences will… He breathes new life into “The Tourist” in a way Max couldn't.

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