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It turns out how Majka was drawn to RTL – Dundika also spoke – the local star

It turns out how Majka was drawn to RTL – Dundika also spoke – the local star

And on Friday, we wrote that, too, 16 years later the mom Returns to RTL. Peter Colossi, A Media company Responsible for content The Deputy Director General and Dondika also spoke on this matter.

This is how Majka was lured back to RTL

It's enormous For the indicator He gave an interview at the end of the year that revealed that Majka, who became popular in the first season of Real World, could be persuaded with a specific request.

– We have already had conversations on several occasions in recent years – and he himself has spoken about this publicly. This time we approached him with a very specific request, and the task was convincing and attractive enough for him to return home to RTL, so to speak. Majka is one of the most famous and popular local celebrities and a professional TV presenter – do we need any more reasons to want her back on our RTL screens?

Last night, Dundeka summed up on Instagram what she said about the return of her love to the channel screen.

I start off by saying that I have a deep respect for exceptions, but for today's bustling generation x (that would be us), y and z, perseverance and loyalty to the chosen one in our hearts, our friends or the workplace is less important and as time passes and speeds up, people decide to change sooner because they always want better And more. He often does this without thinking or as a result of a rash decision, because he hopes for short-term enrichment – whether spiritual or material. One exception I respect is Betty, whose decisions are well founded, he doesn't change or make a decision on impulse, he thinks long term and drives and creates value, not money. 16 years is a long time, there have been valleys, but more mountains, and a prosperous cooperation for both parties. I'm proud that he was involved in building one of the largest television companies and that he made such a serious decision. I know you made the right decision. If you leave me after 16 years, I will kill you” He said.

How do you age well? – A happy life does not depend on age

January guest of Femina Club Pataki branch He will be a model for the star, a producer with him Nora Szeli, the evening's host talks, among other things, about how to cope with the passage of time. Why is humor and self-reflection important? How can we take care of our physical and mental health? Why is it important to maintain our social relationships at this stage of life as well?

You can read the fine print about the evening here:

Tickets are only available onlinein limited quantities.

date: January 15, 2024, 6 p.m

location: Thalia Theater


Cover and recommenders: Profimedia/Attila Trenke

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