Index - Tech-Science - Apple sues Pegasus

Index – Tech-Science – Apple sues Pegasus

Apple said that Apple is suing spyware maker Pegasus Group Inc. and its parent company on Tuesday Telecommunicationsfrom.

The lawsuit provides additional information about a sequence of software, called ForcedEntry, that was used to take advantage of a now-fixed bug in the iMessage messenger to install the software on nearly any product in the company. It was reported that although Apple servers were used to transmit forced access, they were not hacked.

In a statement, the company thanked groups like Citizen Lab or Amnesty Tech for their work in helping combat cybersecurity.

To better facilitate this, we will support organizations involved in critical cybersecurity research with $10 million (US$3 billion) and damages from Apple.

– Write to communicate. Although NSO is constantly developing spyware, no successful hack of iOS 15 and later has been recorded.

As we have written, many Hungarian opposition public figures known to have been spotted with spyware developed by an Israeli company called NSO to crack down and eavesdrop on cell phones. A leaked list of phone numbers of fifty thousand targets around the world.

Spyware called Pegasus can remotely and unobtrusively infiltrate selected iPhone or Android devices through a loophole that neither manufacturers nor mobile software developers are aware of. Spyware can take and transmit messages, photos and emails from the target mobile phone, but it can also record conversations, activate a microphone if necessary, and collect information about a user’s movement.

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