Index - Science - The countdown to the launch of the moon rocket has begun

Index – Science – The countdown to the launch of the moon rocket has begun

The last manned moon landing, Apollo 17, was nearly 50 years ago. The record for space travel of 12 and a half days set by the Apollo mission, the longest manned mission into deep space, still stands.

The purpose of the Artemis program is for NASA to transport humans to the as yet undiscovered south pole of the Moon, and eventually to Mars. In expedition, astronauts go on long-duration space missions.

The launch of the moon rocket will be broadcast live

We will return to the moon to learn how to live, work and live

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: CNN to me

NASA began refueling operations for the mission. After seeing lightning in the storms over the weekend, NASA said “the impacts were low in magnitude and did not affect the space station system, the Orion system, or the ground systems.” The space agency said in a blog post on Sunday that the “countdown continues” until launch.

According to the weather forecast, no lightning was observed during the approaching storms.

The space agency announced that the team left at 8:33 a.m. Monday, August 29, to begin preparations for a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the first massive lunar rocket launch since 1973. The world can follow the test flight broadcast continuously.

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