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Index – Science – Even the Pentagon is talking about UFO probes that could be sent to Earth by an alien mothership

Index – Science – Even the Pentagon is talking about UFO probes that could be sent to Earth by an alien mothership

According to the Pentagon, an alien mother ship may have entered our solar system, which is sending probes to Earth based on reports. In a report written by Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s All-Around Resolution Office (AARO), and Abraham Loeb, chair of the Harvard Astronomy Department, attention is drawn to the possible presence of a large-scale mothership.

The Pentagon says the smaller probes could be used in a similar way to how NASA explores other planets.

AARO, created last year, is charged, among other things, with the task of investigating and monitoring all unknown phenomena, conditions or objects. The notes also cover events in the sky, space, and under water, writes A Daily Star.

According to the authors of the current report, it is likely that the artificial star object will be the mother ship that will launch several small probes to Earth, with an operational design not unlike NASA missions.

In 2005, the US Congress required NASA to find 90% of objects larger than 140 meters in diameter. As a result, the Pan–STARRS telescopes were built. This led to the strange discovery of the long, thin, pencil-shaped Oumuamua, an unknown interstellar object that left no trace of a comet and which many scientists have labeled an artificial phenomenon.

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The report also reveals that with proper design, these tiny probes could reach Earth or other planets in the solar system for exploration without astronomers noticing the tiny microbial emissions because they

They do not reflect enough sunlight that can be seen with telescopes currently in use.

Recently, a US Navy officer reported that he and several members of his squadron had noticed strange celestial phenomena.

It is also possible that they were some kind of enemy machine, and then it is a matter of national security

said the officer.

He added that the objects are moving at an average speed of 0.6-0.8 Mach, which is equivalent to about 250-350 knots. He said the observed objects appeared to be moving in one direction. “These were no ordinary balloons. Unidentified atmospheric phenomena can move at speeds of up to Mach 1, the speed of sound.”