INDEX - Overseas - Thirty free intensive care beds remain in Romania

INDEX – Overseas – Thirty free intensive care beds remain in Romania

Hospitals were full, leaving only thirty free intensive care units nationwide. Ambulances line up in front of hospitals with new patients – Advertise The main square.

According to Sunday’s report, there are 1,232 patients in the country who are in serious condition at the moment. Prime Minister Florin Cao called for an increase in the number of beds in intensive care units as soon as possible, in addition to updating the situation.

The model hospital in Likani has reopened, but according to the Transylvania newspaper, it just means there is no place to put patients.

More recently, there was an example in the country in November, at the height of the second wave of the Coronavirus. Even in hospital corridors, oxygen-bound patients wait to make space. The main square knows that the situation is the most difficult at night, because it is often when patients who are in serious condition arrive and need immediate ventilation.

Doctors say the daily epidemic report does not reflect the real situation either, because many people hide their condition and only go to the doctor when there is really a lot of trouble.

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