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Index – Outside – A fierce police operation took place in Leipzig, attacking Antifa with fireworks

Index – Outside – A fierce police operation took place in Leipzig, attacking Antifa with fireworks

On Saturday, a demonstration took place again in Leipzig over the conviction of far-left activist Lena E. and the three other defendants. The demonstration turned into riots and fights, and in the late afternoon the participants threw cobblestones and

They attacked the police with explosives, and a number of them were injured.

According to German press reports, several cars and garbage cans were on fire. The authorities moved in in force, deploying hundreds of riot police, three helicopters and at least eight water cannons. the Build He writes that this was one of the largest police operations in recent years.

About 1,500 people participated in the demonstration, 400 of whom were surrounded by police and began recording their personal information overnight. The police operation lasted for several hours and ended at dawn on Sunday.

This is what you can know about Lina E.

The Saxon Supreme Court sentenced Lena E. to five years and three months in prison for the attacks that she and her three co-accused carried out against people they considered neo-Nazis in the period 2018-2020, including the use of pepper. Sprays and sticks.

Thirteen people were injured in the crimes, which took place in Saxony and the neighboring state of Thuringia. The ruling of the Dresden court is not final.

The remainder of the sentence was suspended until a final verdict, and the 28-year-old woman was released under a series of restraints.

For example, you must report to the police twice a week, you can only change your place of residence with an official permit, and you must deposit your passport and identity card with the police. His companions were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two years and five months to three years and three months.