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The model wants not only a partner, but also a family.

Tv2 also talked about his private life and dating Mocha Linda Zemany on her show. The model previously admitted that it is easier for her to go on dates abroad because they don’t get to know her, but she generally doesn’t communicate much with others, and she doesn’t dare to open up to others.

“So far, I’ve been building myself up, I’ve been busy with my work; now I’m ready for a relationship for a while now, I just don’t like going out. In such cases, there’s always such a duality that it would be okay, we should just go out,” Zemani said. , who knows exactly what kind of man she wants as her partner.

“I want a very intimate relationship. By the way, my last relationship was like this, three and a half years ago. However, it was an intimate relationship that lasted six years, and it was much more than love or fire. We shared everything intimate in life. It’s hard for me to achieve that.” When dating, because I notice that we live in a much more superficial and faster world, and I feel like a lot of guys freak out when you get too deep,” explained the lawyer, adding: not only for the relationships he craves, he is already ready to start a family and motherhood.

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