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Index – Meanwhile – Attila Ambros sent a message to the contestants in Ázsia Expressz revealing the secret of victory

Index – Meanwhile – Attila Ambros sent a message to the contestants in Ázsia Expressz revealing the secret of victory

That year he also stood on the highest rung of the fantasy platform of adventure reality.

It started in the last few days Asia Express Filming the new season, this year, among others, Attila Thiel and Andras Stoll, the Zambo brothers, and the spouses Gabor Krausz and Anna Meeks will compete for the victory.

Ambrose Attila also sent a message to actors in the Philippines, where he won the adventure reality show a few years ago alongside Christian Berkey.

My top tip is to drink local whiskey in moderation, but consistently and methodically. In addition to its mood-enhancing effect, it has a great cleansing advantage

– seem For pepper Ceramics expert, who says you should pay close attention to what you eat if you don't want to get an upset stomach. They are advised to avoid roadside buffets, but in those days they did not order meat from the caterers either, and instead only ate vegetables for dinner. They also managed to reach out to them for one night in a rather unique way.

“Christian and I opted for the jerk off. We didn't really ask if we could sleep somewhere. We just moved in and pretended it was the most normal thing in the world. We impulsively shoved the Duma in Hungarian, and excuse me, we were already sitting down! Of course, after he put up with Locals The fact that we are not going anywhere, we have changed our style and shown the utmost respect for the customs of the locals. This is very, very important!”

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