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RB Leipzig, who plays in the German soccer flagship, will play Augsburg on Friday, but Hungarian national team defender Willy Urban is already preparing for the eighth Champions League final against Liverpool in Budapest.

The 28-year-old was interviewed in Thursday’s case by Kicker, and revealed that he was more conscious of watching Jürgen Klopp’s defeat 4-1 by Manchester City, but he still focused on Friday’s Bundesliga game.

Almost every top team that has performed spectacularly in football in recent years is facing a very difficult situation right now, and Liverpool are also suffering from bad luck with injuries. However, there were still high-profile footballers in the frame

Urban said.

We would have liked to have played in Leipzig, but we are happy and grateful to be able to play at all. I know the stadium in Budapest, the people there are happy to be there

Cannon said.

Urban also mentioned that it would be difficult to catch up with Bayern Munich, who had a seven-point advantage in the league, and the priority was to finish in one of the top four in the BL group stage next season.

He thinks about his return after his injury, he is stronger physically and mentally, and he hopes that soon he will be able to lift the cup.

The CoR Leipzig-Liverpool match will take place on February 16 from 9 pm behind closed doors in the Puskás Arena.

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