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Index – Economy – The capital’s board of governors also ruled that the drivers’ strike was legal

The Train Drivers’ Union through the National Press Service of MTI, in a second instance order issued by the capital’s Governing Council, said it upheld the lower court’s decision and thus declared the train drivers’ strike legal. According to the announcement, the union of train drivers is asking MÁV – Start Zrt to immediately begin substantive negotiations on the implementation of the strike claim.

They add that the strike announced by the union is legal and there is no appeal against the order, so it is considered final.

The arbitral tribunal found that the Court of First Instance had made a valid decision when it stated that it had fulfilled all the legal requirements for the strike to be lawful. Cessation of work planned in early March.

Thus, contrary to MÁV-Start’s claim, the demand for the declared driver’s strike is sufficiently specific, is not intended to change the collective agreement and does not endanger life, health and physical safety in the current pandemic.

– It states in its statement on the Drivers Association.

Earlier, the index also reported that train drivers were planning to stop working because they did not accept that their real earnings had fallen dramatically due to the zero wage increase in 2021 and inflation.

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