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Index – Culture – Zoltán Mága's Facebook page has been flooded with strange posts

Index – Culture – Zoltán Mága's Facebook page has been flooded with strange posts

Violinist Zoltan Maja's Facebook page has nearly a million followers, but he no longer controls it. This can also be seen from the fact that he shares kinky videos with mainly Asian heroes.

These videos show all sorts of random activities that wouldn't fit into a violinist's social media, like chopping wood, working in a meat factory, working on a farm, construction, and the like. In addition, there are no more Hungarian language entries on the site.

As it turns out, hackers had already taken control of his page at the end of June, but he had also filed a complaint in the case, so he did not want to obstruct the investigation with his statements.

It saddens me greatly that my audience – if they don't guess, don't know what's behind it all – can see that I haven't been sharing the same content on My Page for a long time. However, she relayed what happened on Instagram from the beginning, warning fans of the danger

He said rtl.huTo Zoltan Maja.

It also turns out that Meta, which also owns Facebook, wasn't very helpful.

Even though we complained to Facebook, they couldn't help at all. Although I sent documents proving my identity, that was not enough either. The Facebook team promised to respond to the problem within forty-eight hours, but they did not respond even after that

The violinist recalled the events.

However, this is not the only problem, as a company bank card was also assigned to the account, from where all the money was withdrawn by the profile thieves. Zoltan Maga filed a complaint in the case, but it is very difficult to prosecute these crimes, in addition to resorting to the International Court of Justice in such cases, which, according to Maga, could be the next step in the case.

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Incidentally, Zoltán Mága also shared a case that had a more positive outcome, because not only his Facebook page was attacked.

Immediately after the Facebook attack, another attack occurred: my YouTube channel was also hacked and began to be flooded with ads. The YouTube staff was flexible and helpful, and tried to resolve the issue immediately. They acted immediately against the hacker attack and within a few days were able to successfully restore my rights

He said to me.

Zoltán Mága will continue to use his Instagram page until the issue is resolved in Facebook. According to the violinist's confession, what he regrets most is that many of his followers believe that he publishes these contents himself.