Index - Culture - Squid game starring the Korean version of Big Money Laundering

Index – Culture – Squid game starring the Korean version of Big Money Laundering

Netflix’s South Korean Squid Game has become somewhat of a mass franchise, with 142 million families sitting in front of it within a month of its debut. But it is one of the most demanding classes. Maybe we don’t have to tell the story, it’s already passing everyone’s ears, even those who haven’t seen Hwang Dong Hyuk know what it’s all about.

One of the heroes of the production was Park Hae-Soo, from whom viewers can recall that he was a prodigy from Squid Game, who studied at Seoul National University and became a successful man on paper. But in fact, the investment expert stole money from his clients, so the police followed him. And if that wasn’t enough, Chu Sang-Woo might even catch himself in debt.

The actor who plays the character will remain on Netflix as he will be one of the protagonists of the Korean movie Big Money Robbery. The world may already have been convinced of Park Hae-Soo’s talent, but even he would have a hard time hiding in the Berlin remake. Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, was a fan favorite, it’s no wonder he would be the protagonist of the first spin-off La Casa de Papel announced in 2023.

The streaming service provider announced last November that it was preparing a South Korean version of The Big Money Laundering. This successful news confirms that the project is already on its way. However, it is not yet known about the cast, only the Squid Game star has been announced so far.

La Casa de Papel returned on December 3 with the second half of season five, which consists of five episodes. If someone hasn’t started yet, they can spend another five hours with the professor and the masked Spanish bank robbers. And farewell will be a tear at the end, we’re talking now.

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Thank you Pedro for sending me this famous mask. In the Korean version, which we will be looking at for the first time early next year, we will also have our own masks. I promise I will send you one in return. It is a great honor to have the opportunity on such an amazing series and to have just been given the role of Berlin, an amazing character. I can only hope that people like our version too

The South Korean star said in a video on Netflix.

Netflix is ​​currently harvesting production in the Far East. Kingdom has been a moderate success, but it’s clear that Squid Game has become the flagship of the online video store, not to mention Hellbound. There will even be South Korean sci-fi coming in December, which is also worth watching.

The original designer of the big money launderer, Alex Pena, will contribute to the remake as executive producer, which may give cause for confidence.

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