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Incomedia WebSite X5 Go Test – Create a website without programming – PCW

Incomedia WebSite X5 Go Test – Create a website without programming – PCW

PCW Max members can now get one of the most professional website builder apps for free and create stunning, modern websites without programming.

A good website is essential nowadays, but if you want something that looks good on modern mobile devices and is completely unique, you should learn programming or pay a professional team. Incomedia offers a third option, a program called WebSite

With this software, you can develop a professional, modern and responsive website without needing any prior programming skills. It’s a bit unusual to use, but it’s not a problem even if you initially can’t decide exactly what kind of website you want for yourself or your business. Plus, if you’re a PCW Max member, you can now get the latest version of Go absolutely free.

Create a website!

As mentioned earlier, WebSite X5 is not a programming utility, that is, it is not about helping you find the correct syntax when writing your program. WebSite X5 is an editor based on a unique concept that guides you through the website creation process with an easy-to-use wizard. It has several stages that you can jump between, but if you follow the program’s tips, nothing will be left behind, and all you need is your imagination and creativity to create a professional and unique website.

Using WebSite X5 will be awkward for programmers and novices alike. First, you need to select a template (but it’s not mandatory), and then put together a sitemap. Next, you can set some initial parameters for your page so that search engines can easily find it. Uploading content is no more complicated than editing a Word or Powerpoint document: all you have to do is copy the text, insert images, videos, and links, which the program processes correctly and creates the final website. It does all of this completely locally, meaning you’re working on your computer all the time, and no online service is hidden behind the desktop client. One of the great features of WebSite An example of this is the mobile version, that is, the automatic production of all elements of the responsive website you have created.

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While creating the site, you can request a live image at any time, you can test how the site will look, and if you don’t like something, you can easily change even the pre-selected theme. When you start, you can choose from 50 such templates, and then you can change images, fonts, texts, colors, etc. in them. The finished project will initially run only on your computer, but the program will also help you upload it, which is worth using, because it will be easier to edit later.

Use AI in the Pro version!

If you are on a serious website, web store, etc. You think the Go version will get stuck soon. WebSite X5 is available in both Evo and Pro versions, which offer more templates, modules, and additional features. If you want to create a webstore, blog, or a more serious company website, you should choose the Pro version. In it, you can actually activate professional content management system, site analytics, simple language management, database management, warehousing, order tracking, and you can even deploy advanced SEO tools to achieve success, and by the way, you can also take the help of artificial intelligence. All you have to do is tell OpenAI-based MagicText what style you want the text to be written and the software will actually write it on your website. With the Pro version, you don’t have to start from scratch either, as you can choose from over 150 templates, including full webstore designs.


Incomedia’s software, WebSite X5, is unique and has been updated by the company for many years so that you can use better and better services to create your websites. WebSite The wizard-based process takes some getting used to, but once you know the software, you can create really modern and attractive websites easily, even without any programming knowledge. It is worth choosing from the previously provided templates and then converting them, so creating the desired page is much easier. The explanation is not yet perfect everywhere, but you can easily understand the English text of individual functions. Due to its limitations, the Go version is more ideal for learning and getting to know each other, and it helps greatly in creating pages with a simpler structure, but with a professional look – if you want a more serious website, it is also worth switching to the larger version – preferably Pro -.

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