I wish A big problem?

Motherboards from many manufacturers are also affected.

Certainly, high-performance processors are not the least in terms of heat production. In this category, we really need serious air coolers or AiO systems if we want to keep temperatures in check. In the past, verbatim burning wasn’t out of the question either, but by 2023 there will be plenty of protections to monitor processor temperatures. This is why many people were shocked when this phenomenon occurred in the case of many pairings between the processor and the motherboard.

Nowadays, Intel processors claim more watts, but they don’t seem to mean anything. A few days ago, a Reddit user reported that the Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor not only went up in smoke, but also took the motherboard with it. There were clearly visible signs of trouble from the outside, no doubt something was wrong.

7800X3D killed itself and my Mobo
by u/Speedrookie String extend

It seems that this is not an isolated case!

It soon became clear Many people have experienced similar error phenomenon over the past weeks. Technology should also be highlighted. Guru der8auer’s video, where the processor revealed itself after some simple BIOS adjustments. We can tell that this may be an inherent part of tuning, but even the biggest tuning experts have not often come across such things on the Intel side and the older AMD side.

3D V-Cache Zen 4 and Asus motherboards seem to play a more prominent role. MSI and Asrock copies also appeared paired with a “plain” 7700X, likely only because of the popularity it initially seemed that the bug might be specific to Asus and the X3D. If you have a Ryzen 7000 processor, you should visit your motherboard’s website and update your system to the latest BIOS. For this purpose, famous manufacturers also offer video assistance, You can find the MSI video > here <.

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