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Hungary Castle: the soul of the place

Hungary Castle: the soul of the place

author: Brigitta Butter


Aug 28, 2023 at 4:56 pm

Three lesser-known but more impressive sites in the Capital Forest, whose exhibits are not the only ones worthy of attention. The building itself, the equipment or the garden with its unique atmosphere fills and enchants you.

Secret Villa Georgie Rath

Hidden modestly in the Városliget tree line was the eclectic villa the elegant aristocratic home of the first director general of the Museum of Applied Arts, György Ráth. The residence, designed in a period interior style, offers fine Art Nouveau pieces, and Kati Zoob’s dress code gallery fits harmoniously into this milieu with its unique color and shape.

One of Katie Zopp’s outfits at Villa Art Nouveau

Photo: Brigitta Vajk

And in one of the rooms, visitors can try on old clothes and elegant hats. imm. hu

Street people Petofi

If we put the streets named after Sandor Petofi next to each other, they would reach the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the proposals for the photo exhibition on the occasion of Petofi’s bicentenary in the Art Nouveau building of the Kappa Center on Nagymizou Street in Budapest.

Photo gallery about the inhabitants of the streets of Petofi

Photo: Brigitta Vajk

The artists show us a subjective view of Hungarian society, and through their lens, we viewers can also enter into the stunned, smiling, or even sad lives of the inhabitants of the fictional Petofi Street, which encompasses the entire country and even the crossings. the border. The exhibition also presents the poet’s relatives living today. capacenter. hu

Peace Island

Around the building of the Ferenc Hoppe Museum in Andrassy Ott, we find the capital’s most unusual oriental-style garden, which was laid out by its former owner, the Asian traveler Ferenc Hopp, in the 20th century. You can enter the park through the Chinese Moon Gate, and on your walk you can see a tortoise statue, a pagoda, a Jain shrine, a Rajasthani-style stone pavilion, and more.

The entrance to the garden is the Gate of the Moon

Photo: Brigitta Vajk

The entrance to the museum is guarded by an Indian elephant carved from syenite, and the rich Japanese collection of Count Bishop Peter Fay is now on display.

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