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Hungarian Science Celebration Begins

Hungarian Science Celebration Begins

“As researchers, we know that the wonders of reality far exceed our imaginations. In the coming weeks, we want to share this miracle, the joy of learning about the world,” said Tamas Freund, president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, at the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Science Festival 2022 on Thursday. Scientific lecture after Regards and Awards.This year, the Scientific Promotion Lectures will be renewed for the November series of events under the name Tudományünnep +. The lectures address topics of current public interest in a dynamic style, in a renewed environment. The series of events organized under the theme “Science: The Road to Knowing the World” on the MTA YouTube channel.

“People have been searching for the phenomena of nature and society for thousands of years. This is what researchers do today, trying to answer questions of interest to them on the basis of newer and newer theories, using constantly improved methods. There is often eternal doubt, the unsettling feeling that “something is Not well” mixed with curiosity, which has been the main motive of the researchers and also the driving force of science from the start.

And science – as says the slogan of this year’s series of programs for the Hungarian Science Festival: A way to know the world “

Anna Erde, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Chair of the Hungarian Science Festival Program Board, said in her opening remarks.

“During the Hungarian Science Festival series of events, we study and present those scientific questions professionally and understandably to all interested parties, understanding and solving them is vital, not only for our nation, but for Europe, and even for all humanity. Besides, we also talk about the exciting miracles of life, the dimensions of the world from About us that only science discovers today. As researchers, we know: the wonders of reality far exceed our imaginations. Tamas Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, said in his festive greeting: “In the coming weeks, we want to share this miracle, the joy of learning about the world, with the largest slice possible from society.

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(Photo: MTA)

Head of State Catalin Novak welcomed the participants in the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Science Day with a message. Explaining the President’s message, Andras Kıralı, Director of the President’s Office responsible for planning and analysis, praised the achievements of Hungarian science and researchers.

As he said, the product of the galactic mind is prominently included in the body of universal knowledge.

Without the era-making discoveries of Albert Zent-Gyorgi, Janos Neumann, Dennis Gabor, or Katalin Cariko, humanity would have been poorer. Katalin Novak, in her letter, drew attention to the fact that the world of science and its tools are a trap for decision-makers. That’s why they rely on researchers. “There is a great need for their intellectual reserves,” the head of state said in his message.

The opening and congratulatory speeches were followed by the awarding of prizes that were traditionally awarded on the occasion of the celebration of Hungarian sciences. The awards were presented by the President, Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. List of winners It can be read here.

After the award ceremony, Academician Chapa Bleh gave a lecture titled “Knowledge Tensions in the Knowing Person: Contribution of Modern Psychology to Discussions of the Scientific Worldview”. In his presentation regarding this year’s MTÜ slogan – Science: A way to know the world – he argued that an important condition for finding a method is the scientific analysis of one’s thinking.

In closing remarks to the ceremony, General Secretary Laszlo Kollar spoke about how researchers themselves can do their utmost to enhance the credibility of science. They are the ones who understand all the little details of the topic. Those who, from the image they have in their heads, are able to present an understandable and interesting overview to non-expert interested parties. One of the most important general tasks of the Academy, as the most famous institution of Hungarian sciences, is to present the results and methods of science in order to provide reliable points of reference to as many people as possible. This is the gist of the Science Festival series of events.

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