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Houthi rebels once again fired ballistic missiles into the southern part of the Red Sea

Houthi rebels once again fired ballistic missiles into the southern part of the Red Sea

The scene of the explosion in Beirut on January 2, 2024 – Photography: Hossam Shabaro/Agence France-Presse


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US Central Command (CENTCOM) said that Iran-backed Houthi rebels fired anti-ship ballistic missiles off the southern Red Sea. They said in a post on the X website: “On January 2, at approximately 9:30 pm local time, 22 Iranian-backed anti-ship ballistic missiles were launched from Yemeni territory into the southern Red Sea. Several merchant ships in the area reported anti-tank missiles hitting the surrounding waters, although no damage was reported. These attacks have put the lives of dozens of innocent seafarers at risk and continue to disrupt the free flow of international trade. This is the twenty-fourth attack on commercial ships in the southern Red Sea since November 19.

Since November 19, the Houzi tribe, which supports the Palestinians in the Gaza conflict, has attacked dozens of commercial ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden by deploying missiles and drones. On the other hand, Iran has repeatedly denied that it will provide aid to the G20 countries. A military coalition led by the United States was formed to protect shipping traffic in the region. More than 20 countries have already joined the association, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

Last week, American helicopters destroyed several small boats belonging to Yemeni militants who opened fire on military units in the Red Sea. John Kirby, White House national security spokesman, said on Sunday that the United States does not seek conflict with the Yemeni G20, but will continue to work in the future to protect its own interests.

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  • Explosion in Beirut: A prominent Hamas leader and two other Hamas members were killed;
  • Israel was placed on high alert after the killing of the Hamas leader.
  • According to Netanyahu's advisor, Israel has not claimed responsibility for the Beirut bombing.
  • Israelis evacuated after Hamas attacks will soon be able to return to their homes;
  • Israel withdrew thousands of soldiers from the Gaza Strip;
  • Israeli army: There were rocket launching sites at the UN school in Gaza;
  • UK ships 90 tonnes of aid to Gaza residents;
  • Survivors of the Israeli festival attacked by Hamas are demanding huge compensation.

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