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Never let your dog into this room, as it could be fatal for him

It is worth taking your vet’s advice if you want the best for your pet.

According to a veterinarian, dogs should never be allowed in the bathroom or near a toilet. The doc made it clear that all dogs, especially large dogs, should be kept out of this room, no matter how willing or curious they may be.

The toilet is never so clean that it wouldn’t hurt the dog to lick it.

Always keep the toilet lid closed so that your large dog cannot get inside.

According to the vet, many bathrooms are cleaned with harsh chemicals that are toxic to dogs and can be fatal.

The doctor told me that even the daily toiletries we keep in the bathroom contain substances that are harmful to our pets.

Better to keep the bathroom door closed. Store toiletries and cleaning products out of the reach of pets, and try to clean the bathroom with environmentally friendly chemicals. But outside of this room, you should pay attention to the products you use when cleaning your apartment if you keep pets – the expert warned. Suppose it does not harm your family if you reduce the use of cleaning products.

Kitchen chemicals also pose a serious danger to dogs.

Degreasing chemicals in stovetops, ovens, dishwasher tablets, bleaches, and even laundry detergents can make pets seriously ill.

Turn the page and you will discover the simple rule that will make your apartment safe!

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