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He prepared for a year so that he could surprise his wife at their wedding

He prepared for a year so that he could surprise his wife at their wedding

He put a lot of energy into his surprise.

Weddings tend to be very emotional events for guests as well, especially when the bride and groom give speeches in the hall.

He did it Ben Carpenter Also who is his wife? Sohi They started speaking in front of their families and friends.

I’ve been keeping a big secret from my wife for about a year

– Books that contain speech Instagram video Next to him is the man who works as a personal trainer.

He’s British, but his wife is Korean-American, so there was also a question for a while as to whether the big day would take place in Great Britain or the USA.

She hid for 30 minutes on video calls he wasn’t aware of, or pretended they were work-related when they weren’t. In bed, I would often put on headphones and turn the screen so he couldn’t see what I was doing

He also wrote an explanation of the recording. At the beginning of his speech, he joked, among other things, that he and Sohee were joking about how cool it would be to include some Korean words in his speech.

It wasn’t as easy as I had hoped until I saw the Korean alphabet

During the speech, the big secret was revealed, and because of the respect he had for his wife and her family, he tried to learn the Korean language, which he demonstrated in a few sentences.

In Korean, he talks about how Sohee told them at the beginning of their relationship that Koreans have a hard time accepting a non-Korean into their family, so he’s especially grateful that they did this to him and that his parents raised such a wonderful woman as his wife.

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During the speech, both the parrot and his parents were visibly moved, and the latter also went to hug him.

Commenters are there to watch the video, congratulating Ben and the couple, and the post has already received more than 76,000 likes.

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