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He found his wallet

He found his wallet

Anton Lulgjuraj is a true treasure hunter: he clears out abandoned attics and garages in the hope of finding some interesting antiques.

Lives in New York Anton Lolgoraj pattern bounty hunter:He who invites him into his home frees him from the clutter in the attic, garage or basement, and carefully examines the things that have become unnecessary for others.

old wallet

Photo: Getty Images – Stas_V

Not enriched by money, but by an unforgettable experience.

His big dream came true when he found a locked wardrobe in a warehouse waiting to be emptied, and he had no idea what treasure it was hiding. The old wardrobe had been used by a fighter pilot, and in addition to his uniform, it also held items dear to his heart.

When the treasure hunter removed the lock with a few skillful movements, he noticed a worn box in which he found a wallet that had been gathering dust for more than five decades. Hidden in the box were not millions of dollars, but a photograph of great ideological value, along with several other pictures.

She found a California driver's license, issued in the late 1960s, and she was 20 years old at the time. Diane Hall To his name. Anton searched further and found another actor's ID and some yellow pictures.

Although Diane Hall's name meant nothing to the treasure hunter, her acting credentials intrigued him, so he began investigating. He soon realized that her driver's license and other personal items were world-famous. Diane KeatonIt belonged to him, which took his breath away at first.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The actress laughed a lot in her old photo.

And with the calmness of the oppressed, he wrote on his page on the social networking site: All destinies are difficult (and many other films) star, because he would have gladly returned his stolen property to him.

“I think that whoever leaves a wallet wishes from the bottom of his heart that whoever finds it will return it to him.” – Anton explained that he did not receive an answer from the actress for a long time. However, when New York Daily News He told his reporter the story, and he had the opportunity to send the box back to Diane Keaton.

The 78-year-old movie star was deeply touched by the treasure hunter's gesture and shared with his fans what happened: “I have found my wallet that I lost over 50 years ago. I thank Mr. Lulgjuraj from the bottom of my heart for letting me return it! Look how it looks The explosions are unbelievable. It was at that time! Keaton joked that Anton should call him.

The actress said she doesn't remember losing this particular wallet, which has a really simple reason: she abandoned her wallet and it couldn't be saved.

Opening image: Getty Images – Shot by Stas_V and YouTube, Source: via

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