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Half of the White House is in quarantine after the US President was injured

Half of the White House is in quarantine after the US President was injured

Another White House colleague, Stephen Miller, has become a coronavirus, Presidential Headquarters spokesman Kylie McNani said on Tuesday. According to him, Miller was working in voluntary quarantine for five days when he tested positive. The spokesman told Fox News television that the advisor was fine, then added: “It is clear that the epidemic has spread in the White House.” Meanwhile, he defended his defense against the plague at the Presidency.

Jonathan Hoffman, spokesman for the Pentagon (US Department of Defense), announced Tuesday evening that a large part of US chiefs of staff and senior military commanders are in quarantine. The ministry said that Admiral Charles W. Ray, the deputy commander of the US Coast Guard, had tested positive for the virus, and therefore everyone who had contact with him had been placed in quarantine. The Coast Guard said that the Admiral had mild symptoms.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, and his deputy, General John Heitin, are in quarantine, and commanders of the land, sea and air forces have been voluntarily removed. Paul Nakasone, Head of Electronic Headquarters, also distinguished himself.

A Hoffman spokesman said it was not known where the deputy coast guard commander might have been injured. All military forensic leaders who have already been isolated from the coronavirus on Tuesday have been tested, but so far all have been negative and no one has shown symptoms of infection.

No one among the top military commanders has been infected so far, although more than 47,000 soldiers have been diagnosed with the virus in the US active and reserve forces, and 625 soldiers have been hospitalized, and eight have died from complications of infection.

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As for the “master” of the White House, the condition of President Donald Trump, who is also infected with the Coronavirus, investigations on Tuesday show that he is also in good health, and his condition has improved further.

On Wednesday, Republican Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris will hold the first and only debate in the Utah capital, Salt Lake City. Mike Pence and Kamala Harris’ campaign staff said Tuesday night that politicians and their staff have tested positive for the coronavirus.

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