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György Ferenczi and 1ső Pesti Rackák will take the stage with the participation of the Art Nouveau Orchestra

György Ferenczi and 1ső Pesti Rackák will take the stage with the participation of the Art Nouveau Orchestra

Giorgi Firenze has been paying homage to the works of his favorite poet for decades and has set several of his compositions to music. Award-winning harmonica artist and singer Péter Máté said this earlier: – Normally, a Hungarian musician should be able to get anywhere from popular music. I grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and Hobo Blues Band. Two things define my music today: folk music and Hendrix.

– My favorite writer is Jókai, and my favorite poet is Petőfi. The musician said that anyone who accepts rock and roll as a way of life cannot pass by Petofi without being enchanted by the energy and joy of life that emanate from him.

Today, György Ferenczi’s music is defined by two things: folk music and Hendrix. Photo: Istvan Lagetos

Album Firenze Petofi

Giorgi Firenze is the author of the epic parody A helység kalápácsa, commissioned and funded by the MTVA. A very important milestone in the life of the band is the album Petőfi released in 2006 in the Hangzó Helikon series, which became a gold record in 2007. He plays fusion music with his band, playing Hungarian folk music, rhythm and blues, funky music, reggae, hip-hop and groove An important role.

Modern Art Orchestra

The orchestra performs with the Art Nouveau Orchestra in this show. Founded in 2005 by composer-trumpeter Kornél Fekete-Kovács, the big band was born under the auspices of contemporary jazz. From the beginning, their goal has been to push the boundaries of contemporary classical and jazz. The eighteen-member formation brings together musicians who represent the defining figures of Hungarian jazz as performers and in many cases as conductors and composers. Within the framework of the series of legendary albums, the iconic records of the history of jazz are recalled, made contemporary precisely by the playing of the soloists. And Bartók’s award-winning Gramophone and Artisjus hit album, Bartók puts Bartók’s legacy on the map with exciting, contemporary instrumentation and rethinking of original folk music ensembles.


István Pál “Szalonna” Ferenc Liszt is an award-winning folk musician, Meritorious Artist, and Artistic Director of the Hungarian Folk Ensemble. Recipient of the Hungarian Heritage Award, the orchestra has chosen to preserve and transmit the culture of the Carpathian Basin as a profession. The band members are currently musicians from the Hungarian folk group. Their concerts feature the most beautiful music of the Carpathian Basin.

They consider it important to preserve traditions, and for this, in addition to holding concerts, they also play a major role in the education of folk music.

Transcarpathian folk music training was founded a few years ago.

Singer-songwriter Oláh Ibolya immersed herself in the world of music and singing as a self-taught artist. His rare deep, raspy but powerful voice made him one of the most exciting singers of his generation. International violinist Ruby Lakatos, one of the famous gypsy violinists, is a descendant of Janos Bihari. At the age of six, he performed with the artist’s violin at the Dankó Pista Memorial Concert. At the age of eleven, he already played in Sándor Járóka’s band. In 1984, he signed a contract with his first band in Belgium. He played for twelve years in Brussels at Les Ateliers de la Grand Ile. There he developed his own style, which consisted of a mixture of classical, gypsy and jazz music. His remarkable performing talent is combined with virtuoso technique. The business press compares him to Paganini.

Antares, founded in Budapest in 2018, moves in rock, sometimes evocative of the hard rock of the 70s, sometimes demanding prog rock, sometimes more exotic and dance-oriented, and the songs are on average five to six minutes long, so they’re They follow the best traditions of the genre. A band that goes against contemporary trends.

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