Galaxy S24 phones could get more RAM

The news about the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is starting to circulate, we recently read that the manufacturer may increase the image refresh rate to 144Hz, and now the amount of RAM has been revealed. Looks like this could increase next year as well.

The RAM configuration for the Galaxy S23 models started uniformly at 8GB, and the smallest version was 8 + 128GB for the base S23, and 8 + 256GB for the S23+ and S23 Ultra. With the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+, it wasn’t even possible to order a device with more RAM, you could just double the storage, but even the Ultra could be bought with a maximum of 12GB of RAM.

There is no doubt that the amount of memory offered by the Galaxy S23 models is more than enough, but other manufacturers are slowly getting past it, so Samsung also needs to strengthen it. According to the latest news, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 + will be available with 12 GB of RAM, and the Ultra with up to 16 GB of RAM. It is not yet known if the 8GB RAM configurations will remain, but the good news is that there will certainly be larger options. It’s also a positive change that Samsung will finally be phasing out 128GB of storage, and all new models will start at 256GB (hopefully that doesn’t drive up prices).

According to the current situation, the new string can be as follows:

  • Galaxy S24 8/12 + 256 GB
  • Galaxy S24 12 + 512 GB
  • Galaxy S24 + 8/12 + 256 GB
  • Galaxy S24 + 12 + 512 GB
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 12 + 256 GB
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 12/16 + 512 GB
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 16GB + 1TB
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