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Gábor Csőre on the Tősér-Csákvár incident: Is verbal abuse not a crime?

Gábor Csőre on the Tősér-Csákvár incident: Is verbal abuse not a crime?

Meanwhile, director Adam Tosser has apologized to Nepszava’s staff.

around Mandarin I also mentioned that Blokád was shown at the Hungarian Film Festival in Veszprém. But the event will remain a memory for another reason. Geza Csacvari, an employee of Nepszava, told RTL that on her way to the bathroom, she was pushed by the film’s director dám Tősér because He wrote negatively about creationism.

The journalist remembers what happened as Tősér “He stood with his fists clenched. He’s handing me over now.”. the RTL News He added that with the intervention of Úgnés Kocsis and Dóra Szűcs, the director could have been isolated from him.

Gabor Kesir: Isn’t verbal abuse a crime?

Actor Gábor Csőre, who played Imré Kónya in the film about the events of the 1990s, also spoke on this topic.

“Lies and malicious allegations circulate around the world three times faster than the truth can tie shoelaces…” said the actor.

the eyelash According to Kasr, he began his speech as follows: “How is it a sin to push someone else? Of course it is

But isn’t verbal abuse a crime, when someone writes things irresponsibly, and criticizes someone else’s years of work in derogatory and untrue terms? “

The actor also added: “Csákvári sank to the level of a Facebook post with these sentences, but dám, who has since apologized, did not react well either. Of course, this is also a question, how else can you defend yourself?”

Meanwhile, it is RTL It was learned that Adam Tosser had contacted Nepszava’s critic and apologized to him for paying him. It’s a gunshot wound for index He said “If I initiate legal action, I accept the consequences of my actions“.

Editorial photo: Dávid Mátrai/Mandiner


“There are a bunch of extremist preachers who want to tell more lies about the blockade” – dám Tősér to Mandiner

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