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From a failed championship to the gates of Formula 1

Logan Sargeant, Williams, F1, Forma-1

In 2020, he said a practical goodbye to his career, but Logan Sargent is now the main prospect for a Williams Formula 1 seat.

The final season of the Formula 3 championship was held in Mugello, where the American was considered the best candidate before the start of the last race. Sargent was eliminated through no fault of his own, so Oscar Piastre became the hero.

At the time, he said that he could not continue his career without the championship award, but in the end the lifeline threw him. However, he had to stay in F3 for a third season.

In 2021, he led the Czech national team to the F3 Team Championship title, and in the meantime as a hometown He could also make his F2 debut.

Despite this, Sargent continued to struggle financially and it didn’t look like he would eventually get a chance in F2. So get ready even for IndyCar’s year-end test to assess the odds.

“I was at home and had no options at the time. It shows the difference a year can make if I stick with something. Honestly, I owe it all to support my family and my coach.”

At the end of last year put his arms around her Williams Academy, so he can finally start with Carlin in the Formula 1 waiting room, and he can also drive the British car in Abu Dhabi test.

“Everyone at Williams has supported me, and I owe it to them that I’m in this position now. I wouldn’t be here without her. I try to appreciate it as much as I can and try to give them the best.” It is to explain The difficult situation of the United States.

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In Sargent Austin’s hometown Can be presented during the Formula 1 weekendAnd you’ll have at least two more chances before you get in the car next year.

However, it also helped F2’s first excellent season.

“Not even me [számítottam rá], honestly. It is strange that at the same time you want to perform at the best possible level, but you do not look at the result. You just look that way and get away with the moment, while your expectations are high. But you do not think about what all this could lead to.

Don’t even think about it until the negotiations begin and everything is in place behind the scenes. However, I had no expectations at the start of the season. Of course, I believed in myself that I could do well, but I was open to everything. ”

Sargent is currently fourth in the F2 Championship in a tough competition. The difference between third and ninth places is only 25 points, and for the American – if all goes according to plan – sixth place is enough to get a super license and for Williams cycle.

It’s official: Sargent will drive for Williams if…

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