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Find out about the farthest point in the world – this place will be the “cemetery” of the International Space Station

Find out about the farthest point in the world – this place will be the “cemetery” of the International Space Station

February 27, 2024 – 2:37 pm

-Illustration- (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The downside is that potential residents have to deal with high winds and freezing temperatures.

The name comes from the Latin word nemo, which means no one. The nearest land is Ducie Island, but even this island is uninhabited, so you have to head north. Further south, Maher Island is located in Antarctica, Motu Nui Island is located northeast of the island, and there is another uninhabited island near Easter Island.

This point was calculated with the help of geographical programs in 1992 by Croatian engineer Hrvoj Locatel. Since then, it has not been investigated further due to its unavailability. There are no animals living there, which is why it is the least biologically active area in the world's oceans. The currents there are so strong that there are simply no nutrients available here, and only bacteria and small crustaceans live here.

People live about 400 km away from this place. It can be found in Earth's orbit on the International Space Station, and only when it passes through that point. Since there is no one for thousands of kilometers, this is a great place for satellites and other spacecraft to land from space and burn up in the atmosphere directly above this point. So it is possible that there is space debris under the ocean

The site will also serve as a graveyard for the International Space Station after it is decommissioned in 2031. So, if you want to travel to this area, simply enter the coordinates 45°52.6S, 123°23.6W.

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