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There are still few sure things about EA Sports FC, but there have already been some announcements.

As you may already be familiar with, with the arrival of spring, rumors, speculations and leaks about the next part of FIFA are increasing, and this is no different, this time the wait is more exciting, since FIFA and EA parted ways, and EA Sports FC we are waiting for you. This could bring something new to a formula that has been used for years, and last week there was already news about what we can expect in the next title, which was already announced on Thursday!

FUTZone, which also brought this news, of course did not stop this time either and provided additional information. He wrote that EA could make a big announcement in a matter of days, and in the end he was right. It seems certain that this will also have the usual Triple As pricing, so it certainly won’t be free, although there were such rumors last year as well. In addition, he may appear earlier than before, that is, much closer to the end of the transfer season.

In terms of pro clubs, it’s still the last situation that EA wants to introduce Crossplay to them and they’re working on it now, even though it hasn’t been a full success in FUT either due to cheating.

As I said before, the game may be released sooner than ever. According to FUTZone, pre-orders can go live on August 28th, but it will be available to everyone on September 1st, about a month earlier than in previous years. We can expect a bigger trailer in June and presentations from July.

As for the engine, the Frostbite engine will continue to run during the program, so there will be no progress on this, unfortunately, but Hypermotion technology is further developed to give you the best possible experience. This is all speculation and leaks, so it is not official information, until EA’s announcement in July, they treated everything with reservations, last year also there were a lot of rumors that had no basis in reality in the end, and FUTZone did not prove to be infallible. Over the years either.

And what EA itself has hidden or retweeted is what we will see in the next game. Accordingly, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Celtic, Manchester City, Serie B, Serie A, Juventus, MLS, Liverpool, Premier League, Real Madrid will return, so all the big names will remain, and from these points of view, for sure We will never have a worse football experience than before.

Our new mini-series started in the past weeks, in which we are dealing with METAVERSE, NFT GAMES and BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY, don’t miss these too!

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