Interpretation: Gyurcsany.

Originally, the government expected that a section of the M6 ​​motorway could only be built at a later date – the government answered RTL’s question. the channel asked the Janos Lazar ministry after ATV reported that construction of the road had been delayed because they had “forgotten” a nearly 200-meter section of public procurement procedures at the Mohács junction, which was not even included in the previous design bid.

The new section has been under construction since 2020, but the public procurement tender for the missing section – called Section Zero – was announced only last fall, the representative of the municipality of Jobec in Paraná told RTL Hírado. According to Patrick Schwartz-Kiefer, they may have forgotten the 200-meter section, which is why they will be able to hand over the highway section to the border later.

The government gave a completely different explanation. As they wrote to RTL, the concession contract for the damaged section was signed by the Gyurcsány government in 2007, and the concessionaire obtained a construction permit for the missing part. They added that they originally expected to build this section only after legal issues were settled, but permits were issued so that traffic on the other tracks in the missing section could be avoided.

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More details in the RTL news channel:


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