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Do you suffer from hay fever? Here are 7 hidden places where you can find pollen in your home

Do you suffer from hay fever?  Here are 7 hidden places where you can find pollen in your home

You won't even imagine how many places they can hide!

During hay fever season, pollen is everywhere and can easily get into your home, even if you clean it well. Not only can this pollen cause allergy symptoms, it can also affect the home environment.

Here are seven hidden places in your home where pollen can lurk, which regular cleaning can help reduce allergies:

  1. Bed linen and pillow covers: Bedding and pillowcases often trap and retain pollen. Wash these sheets and pillowcases regularly at a temperature of at least 60°C to remove pollen and other allergens.
  2. Curtains and blinds: Curtains and curtains often trap pollen when the windows are open. Wash or clean these textiles regularly, and don't forget to dust or wash the window sills as well.
  3. Carpets and rugs: Carpets and rugs are ideal places to contain pollen and other allergens. Vacuum and clean these surfaces regularly, preferably with a special vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter.
  4. Ventilation systems and air conditioners: Ventilation systems and air conditioners typically trap pollen and spread it throughout the home. Clean and replace air conditioner filters regularly, and ventilate frequently to allow fresh air into your home.
  5. Plants and flowers: Indoor plants and flowers can also contain pollen that can cause allergies. If you have a pollen allergy, choose plants that are less allergenic and keep them out of your bedroom.
  6. Wardrobes and shoe storage: Wardrobes and shoe storage often hide pollen brought in by clothing and shoes worn outside. Clean and ventilate these areas regularly and keep doors and drawers closed if possible.
  7. Books and shelves: Pollen and dust mites are often found between books and shelves, which can cause allergies. Wipe books and shelves regularly with a damp cloth to remove pollen and dust mites.
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These are just a few examples of hidden places for pollen in your home, but it's important to know that regular cleaning and ventilation can help reduce allergy symptoms and improve the air quality in your home. Don't forget thorough cleaning and ventilation to enjoy a clean and fresh home environment, even during pollen season.


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