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Dezső Straub recalled a poignant memory of Gyula Podroje-Kolori

Dezső Straub recalled a poignant memory of Gyula Podroje-Kolori

Zsuka Fodor, Balázs Galko. There are only two names among the Hungarian actors who, despite their advanced age, still have to work because they will not be able to live on their pensions. The doorman's job also brought back memories of Dezső Straub.

In the last few days, we have dealt with the not at all unique situation of Palaz Galko. Luckily Adel KovatsThe director of the Radnót Theater wants to help an actor who is having difficulties.

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Dezső Straub also spoke

But now he put the porter's job in a different light. Share a beautiful story On his Facebook pageany Gyula Podroghi It is linked to his person. He remembered this fond memory in connection with the current “concierge problem” and posted it happily.

In the old Vidám Színpad (some of you still remember that there was such a theater in Révay utca) under the management of Gyula Bodrogi, the position of porter became vacant. The theater was not in a very bright situation, as Gyuszi could only pay a maximum of 40,000 Hungarian forints for this work. (And even then, that wasn't a very high monthly salary!) There weren't many happy applicants. One evening, during a break in the show, an old uncle who was standing in front of Bodroghe snuck up: “Mr. Director!” The porter's job… I'd love to take it! Giusei smiled.

“Well, my dear brother, the theater doesn't have much money for it…” said Bodroghi.

– that happens. The little old man answered.

Then our manager inquired further:

-What did you like to do when you were active?

The guest replied: “I was a theater director.”

Bodrogí stood up slowly.

“Who did you like to manage?”

– Pal Javor, Claret Tolnay…

The sentence is not complete.

“Unfortunately, I can only give one hundred thousand forints,” Bodroghe said in a cautious manner!

“Hundred thousand???” I looked at him in shock. “Giozi from what?”

He whispered softly:

“If necessary, mine!”

Uncle Carsi – if I remember his name correctly – was able to guard the artist's entrance to Vidám Színpad for about another year. He went straight from his beloved workplace, the stage, to heavenly company. To the director? Or porter? I think no matter what…

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It aroused emotions and thoughts

Comments on Dezső Straub's post have been pouring in ever since. Many people thank you for the beautiful story, others praise Gyula Podroghi's character just as Dezso Stroop did. Some people are drawing attention to the Balázs Galko case.

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