Czech Republic demands slight delay in support of EU oil embargo

Czech Republic demands slight delay in support of EU oil embargo

According to Peter Fiala, the Czech Republic needs a two-year, and possibly three-year delay in order to increase the capacity of the pipelines through which oil enters the country from other places.

“If these conditions are met, the Czech Republic is ready to support the sixth EU sanctions package,” the Czech prime minister said.

“In order for Europe to get rid of its dependence on Russian energy, solidarity between European countries is needed,” Fiala noted. He said this would be one of the highlights of his visit to Berlin on Thursday, where he will discuss with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz.

“We support the most severe sanctions against Russia, and this position will not change. From the beginning, we also say that sanctions should not harm Czech citizens more than Russia,” the Prime Minister stressed to reporters.

Regarding the oil embargo, it was previously leaked that Hungary and Slovakia can also get a one-year exemption, but according to them, the Czech Republic is also asking for an exemption, not for a year, but for a longer period. The Hungarian government responded to the oil embargo plan by saying “we cannot support it responsibly in its current form,” and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said oil on the pipeline should be an exception to the embargo.

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