Crimea: Jewelry Box – Tamas from Crimea

Since its historic comeback in 2014, Russia has treated Crimea like a jewel case. Judging by a speech by Russian President Putin, all patriotic Russian entrepreneurs are trying to make small and large investments in the region. This is confirmed by the large number of properties under construction and the growing number of businesses.

Life is not just here anymore, it has begun at an unprecedented pace. Let’s talk to Russians, Tatars or Ukrainians (!), They will agree that the 23 years that they spent as part of Ukraine cannot be compared with the present. There was a village that did not receive a single square meter of asphalt in those 23 years! Today, the streets of the same village are 70% paved… New walkways, parks, an amazing amount of playgrounds (I’ve never seen so many anywhere!), Hotels (I’ve never seen anything like this), family homes and entire residential areas. Building brigades, order and discipline everywhere.

Mryja…a wonderful sight.

Crimea – Russian Federation

Unusually good quality roads

After joining, crime decreased so much that I saw with my own eyes people leaving their cars in front of stores with their motorbikes running. I have not heard of anyone stealing. In food markets, unsold goods are left covered in the evening. Nobody touches it. This situation is partly due to strict Russian laws and partly to the fact that the region has a landlord! The population is constantly increasing, and Russians and Tatars are moving to the area in droves. I know a Tatar who moved to his historical land from Uzbekistan with his three children. Even his grandfather was deported by Stalin. Putin’s policy (due to feedback and the law passed) received Russian citizenship and the opportunity to settle in the Crimea in 6 months. This is the reality of Crimea today!

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source: Tamás from Crimea

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