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Bill Clinton's mistress: 50-year-old Monica Lewinsky was more beautiful than ever – the global star

Bill Clinton's mistress: 50-year-old Monica Lewinsky was more beautiful than ever – the global star

Obviously the biggest scandal of the 1990s was the Bill Clinton scandal and Monica Lewinsky Because the woman who works in the White House has slept with the married president on several occasions.

Lewinsky, who was still in her twenties at the time, was literally destroyed by the press, which was seen as solely responsible for cheating on Clinton, even though it always takes two to cheat. After the scandal, the woman started a new life in London. She currently works as an activist, often speaks out against online harassment, and is a guest writer for Vanity Fair magazine.

Monica Lewinsky in the latest photos

Last summer she celebrated her 50th birthday, and her appearance has changed a lot, as she now wears her black hair brown, giving her a fresher and more youthful appearance. He does not reveal his private life, but when he is invited to a show or asked to give an interview, he is happy to talk about his experiences in the 90s and the experiences he had to go through. In the fall of 2023, Guardiank:

-One night I went to bed like a normal person, and the next day the whole world knew my name. This would not have happened without the Internet – he referred to his old scandal, because news that he had slept with Clinton several times appeared on a website, the Drudge Report, on January 17, 1998.

He realizes that he would have lived this period differently if he had already had social media, but at the time the Internet was still in its infancy. Despite this, he still sees funny pictures of himself and Clinton online.

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In our photo gallery you can see how Monica Lewinsky draws these days.

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I will read it

Cover and featured images: Getty Images

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