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Angel Park in memory of guest dolls

Angel Park in memory of guest dolls

In memory of the guest puppets, the Angial Park is being created in Higuxaba, on an area of ​​​​eight thousand square meters, which will be realized in the abandoned area behind the Gardone Giza Cultural Center, the former Barchai Palace, and with this the dream of the creators will come true.

Don’t treat it as a taboo

The idea of ​​Angel Park was formulated in the minds of the ladies who were personally affected. They wanted to create a place in Miskolc that would give them and their loved ones a chance to remember. Since the missing children do not have a grave, they cannot be visited in the cemetery, as is the case with our dead. The Garden of Angels can help many mothers get rid of grief. He said having a place where you can go out and talk to people who are going through similar spiritual processes Agnes Imréné Miháczione of the park’s designers.

He added: It is surprising that so many women are affected by a problem that should not be treated as a taboo. After two Hungarian cities – Gyor and Pecs – you will be in Miskolc too, after getting support on all the forums.

Gathering on the International Day

He said there would be a beautiful, intimate memorial where you could even light a candle for the children who couldn’t be among us. Sheila Pardos Farjani, the other mastermind. Every year on October 15th, which is the International Perinatal Day of Mourning, they wish to organize a rally in Anghill Park.

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Meet the idea and implement it

The idea and future entrepreneur met at the Miskolc Ideas Marathon in May. Despite this, the team of creators did not win, however Andrea ConcoliPark, the owner of the gardening company Dr. Park, promised them that if the municipality gave them the land, he would make their dream come true.

The municipality was a partner in this and made the area freely available to them. This is a very neglected part, because of the weeds, it was not clear that there was a football field there – confirmed Andrea Concoli.

Laszlo Borcuti The representative of the commune showed the area that the ladies immediately fell in love with him. It was then adopted by Andrea Konkoly’s company, and shortly thereafter was also named Angyal Park, so construction could begin in September.

Broad social support surrounding the initiative. Since everyone in the project, including the company’s partners, works for charitable purposes, voluntarily, they can only do so on weekends, so they move more slowly. But for now, it looks like maybe they can finish by spring – the contractor started.

This will primarily be a community garden, as the soccer field has already been added, and there will also be a place for a bacon barbecue and an ornamental pond. And also a monument depicting angels. Two two-meter-high angels, made of acid-resistant sheet metal, face each other. Next to them are two benches, which will be in the central part of the park. They are also planning a section specifically for dog walking, because many people still use the wooded and grassy area for that. The football field needs to be renovated, and the lake is shaped into a former swimming pool – these features had to be adapted.

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The pool once belonged to Bárczay Castle and was buried for decades. It had to be excavated and reused as an ornamental pond.

There are a lot of ideas and visions, and there is already a routine in the implementation, since they were also involved in the Fairy Garden business at that time, – the entrepreneur reported.

According to him, about 15 representatives – politicians, individuals and companies – have so far supported the completion of Anguill Park in one form or another. Whether it’s containers, rebuilding a soccer field or storing bikes. They didn’t ask for money, but for help, and they got it. Updated information about Angyal Park is available on the memorial site’s Facebook page.

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