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After Disney kicked her out, Gina Carano announced that she was making a right-handed movie

What you need to know right away in 2021.

Photo: Image Press / NurPhoto via AFP

Gina Carano was fired in the middle of the week and signed a new contract by Friday.

One of the last few days A huge storm sparked pop culture fame It was because Lucasfilm fired actress Gina Carano for jobs deemed unacceptable. Carano starred in the Star Wars series Mandalorian and was clearly expected in the future – but the political activism on social media was no longer suited to the studio’s owner, Disney.

The former Cage Fighting actress has had several posts in recent months that both Star Wars fans and studios thought was a problem. There have been times when he propagated conspiracy theories, and other times he mocked the use of masks or mandatory pronouns that express gender identity. Because of these, many attacked him – and he felt increasingly hate for political reasons. For a while, though, for the studio outbalanceThat the series is a success and that Carano’s character is famous.

Then came a post that was really too much for the company. Carano’s Instagram post drew an analogy between “the people referred to because of their political views” – he lists himself here, and in this context he mostly means right-wing Americans – and incitement to Nazi hatred of Jews. Broke up with him.

On Friday, two days after his dismissal, he announced: She entered into a contract With a right-wing newspaper called The Daily Wire and they make a movie together. The DailyWire is a conservative opinion paper by Ben Shapiro, who is developing her film business.

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“I have just started using my voice, and it is more free than ever, and I hope he inspires others to do the same. They can’t eliminate us if we don’t leave,” Carano said.

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