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Ádám Guth: “NB III’s fourth place is no ordinary result”

Ádám Guth: “NB III’s fourth place is no ordinary result”

Our young defender has rated the 2022-23 season.

Ádám Guth played in both NB II and NB III during the 2022-23 season. The young fullback strengthened Kozármisleny’s team in the fall and, in addition to 533 minutes played in the spring, he collected another 979 in MTK Budapest II and was considered one of the most stable points in our team. The football player, who celebrated his twentieth birthday in January, evaluated the half-season for him.

“Unfortunately, in Kozármisleny, things did not go as I planned and, as I wanted, I played very little. However, after returning to MTK, I learned a lot from the professional staff and the load of the match came in handy. Winter, I set myself the goal of proving myself in matches remaining, because my stated goal is to spend the 2023-24 season either in NB II, on loan or even introduce myself in NB I, if the professional machine counts on me.In terms of his performance, we started great, then there were ups and downs, but Overall, I think as the second team, finishing fourth is fantastic and I don’t think this is just a round-of-the-mill result, the team was simply made up of talented footballers, despite the roster change.” Dam Guth said.

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