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A major investment is being made near Mohacs, with the many advantages of prefabrication

A major investment is being made near Mohacs, with the many advantages of prefabrication

Bácsfapustan, located near Mohacs, is already in the construction process Polly visited. A pig fattening project is under investment. In the development taking place in the Baranja district settlement, a pig farm with a capacity of 16,500 places will be established in Ineton CVT. In general construction, by integrating reinforced concrete products into the Hungarian company’s factory.

A complex of large volume is created

In the greenfield investment, a building complex with an area of ​​more than 15,500 square meters will be constructed on the site of a demolished former animal farm. About current project details Tibor Balazs, Senior Project Manager at INETON We asked.

From what he said, it became clear that the facility would consist of four fattening halls, in addition to a social building (with a changing room, a veterinary room, and a porter), a warehouse, and a cremation building.

He added, “It is worth noting that two basins will also be constructed to store liquid fertilizer with a capacity of 8,000 cubic meters.”

These products are manufactured by INETON for the project

At the beginning of work, INETON received a master plan package, based on which the production design of prefabricated elements was already carried out by its design team. “In this case, a consultation process begins between the general fixed designer and our fixed product designers, and the end result is that we optimize the design package for the products we manufacture,” explained Tibor Balazs.

All production plans are then approved by the established designer. “This is how overall constant improvement can be ensured: the items that can be produced in the factory are planned by our automatic machine lines at the production planning level.

“For the project, walls, columns and so-called thermal insulating jersey elements were manufactured at the INETON factory in Lower Germany.”

– explained the project manager. “In addition to all this, we will also use bark panels in social buildings and service buildings.”

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Only plus or minus 5mm deviation is allowed

The specialist highlighted two products listed separately. “Jersey elements are special inverted T-shaped concrete ribs somewhat similar to reflectors used in some road construction works. They are placed in monolithic reinforced concrete troughs and are used to place the concrete meshes required for the technology on these space elements when implementing pig farm technology “

In the production of jersey items, special attention must be paid to production accuracy.

“Compared to the concrete structure, the customer specified for us a very low tolerance: we had to manufacture these elements and place them with a difference of plus or minus 5 mm. This was a very dangerous task. Even during production in the factory, a mold had to be constantly used that could guarantee these Precision.Hence, during implementation, adjusting concrete elements weighing more than a ton using a crane also required a lot of attention.

Much depends on discussions with the technology installer

He added that while implementing the technique, the concrete meshes must also be placed with very small tolerances, as animal health and animal welfare regulations strictly define the accuracy and maximum gaps that the mesh can be made for the pigs. “The implementation of the technology will depend on our work, and we will build on each other’s precision.”

In this regard, he pointed to consultations with the technology manufacturer as an important element.

“We have to collaborate on a daily basis with the technology installers on details that subsequently affect their work. One of these technology elements, which is already being implemented, is the aforementioned concrete mesh, which will be placed over our Jersey elements. The technology contractor will then install the system Feeding, watering, ventilation system and pens that will be completely installed in the halls.

Thermal insulated bark wall has great advantages

Another product of particular interest in the project is the thermally insulated bark wall, from which the side walls of the four halls and service buildings are built. “It is a big advantage that it allows for very fast implementation. With the thermal insulation inside, you can save the cost and time of insulating the external facade. In addition, the wall that is manufactured in the factory is installed with a properly smooth and level surface, which is why, among other things “There is no need for plastering.”

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From his words, it became clear that more than 1,200 pieces of jersey element will be installed in the project, and the number of bark walls that will be installed is 290. “We had to start production in our factory already in August in order to be able to continuously supply the construction with the elements now.” “

All this thanks to pre-production

In relation to the above, he explained another important relationship regarding design and production. “Our production design colleagues create a file format in the Nemetschek Allplan software that our automated equipment in the factory can use directly during production. Thus, we have products that we can manufacture in such a way that the production is completely automated. In addition, we have several products, which practically constitute the majority of the product range , through which we can also reduce the need for live labor in the factory.

The project demonstrated many additional advantages of prefabrication, and demonstrated some of them as well. “By using our concrete elements, it is possible to shorten the project duration by up to two or three months.” At the same time, planned prefabrication carried out in a factory environment is also beneficial, because some corrosion damage can be avoided by choosing the appropriate concrete quality. “The slurry will be constantly flowing into these feedlot halls and ponds, so the effect of chemical corrosion on the structures is very high. By choosing the right quality concrete, we can install more durable elements compared to an all-steel structure hall.”

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Next year, mechanical engineering work can begin in the halls

In conclusion, he touched on the current status of the construction project, under which the structure is being built. “The main part of the work now is laying our precast concrete elements and laying the galvanized steel roof structure that will be built on top of them. Two weeks ago, we also started laying the sandwich panel roofs, so two of the four hall buildings are expected to be waterproof in January.

He said that upon completion of the structural construction and roofing of the four halls next year, the construction of service buildings and mechanical works inside the halls will begin.

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