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A homeless man from Pyrenees has taken possession of his new caravan with tears in his eyes – it even has a place for his kitten

A homeless man from Pyrenees has taken possession of his new caravan with tears in his eyes – it even has a place for his kitten

Many people have come together to provide better conditions for Zoltan Molnar, who has been living for years in a flat, unheated container made of sheet metal in Zagiva Zogo in Jasperinj. There have been many proposals regarding his status, but as Zoltan previously told our news portal, he has always lived in Gasperini, and is strongly attached to the city, from which he does not want to leave.

The Auxiliaries started a fundraising campaign to renovate a donated caravan. However, the retired part of it was in such poor condition that it was not structurally stable even after renovation, so they looked for another solution. That's when the idea arose to build a small, insulated, stable and livable wooden house on the usable chassis of a dilapidated train. However, in the end, this plan was abandoned and a caravan in very good condition was purchased from donations, which was also delivered to the Zoltan base on Wednesday thanks to a supporter.

“It was as if I entered a new apartment,” Zoltan said.
Photo: Joseph Besti

On Thursday morning, we visited the man who had been living without a roof until now, who happily showed our news portal his new home.

“Thank you everyone!” I'm very happy with the caravan – began Zoltan Molnar in a low voice.

According to him, he could not believe his eyes when the train arrived. Moved, she opened the door with tears in her eyes, and then saw the armchair in the living room, which she immediately took possession of.

– Enthusiastically shows off the living space. Then he adds that even today his assistants come to him, cleaning and arranging the caravan so that he can lay his head there at night.

“By the way, well-meaning people visit me constantly, and every day I get a hot meal from one of the caterers.” Once again, I thank everyone for their help, it gives me an indescribably good feeling – reveals Zoltan, whose only faithful companion is Messi, the gray and black cat.

But where is your four-legged friend now? We asked.

– Messi went for a walk as usual after eating a “frosty” breakfast. The man said with a smile: If he wants to enter the caravan, of course there will be room for him too.

Thanks to cooperation and assistance, the hope that his life would change for the better was strengthened in his soul.

They make Zoltán's new home more comfortable

Helper volunteer Janos Kiss told us they found a caravan in very good condition, were able to purchase it from the donations raised, and also got help moving it. We discovered that I wanted to renovate my living room floor with PVC floor tiles. This is easy to install and clean. They also take care of the heat, using a suitable device for heating and cooking.

– We want to make a roof over the convoy that will protect us from the elements – the volunteer said about the plans, then saluted everyone who supported and supported Zoltan.

In the Jászberény Philanthropists group, offers came one after another to make the caravan more comfortable.

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