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A bear camera saved a hiker’s life

A bear camera saved a hiker’s life

The wandering man stood in front of the camera and asked for help in a live online broadcast. Fortunately, there were people watching the video stream.

A hiker in trouble in Alaska has been saved thanks to a webcam operating in Katmai National Park.

The webcam has been placed in a favorite area for brown bears for years, and the broadcast can be followed online 24/7. In the past few days, determined nature lovers have noticed something unusual in the recordings:

One of the hitchhikers walked up to the camera and called for help.

Fortunately, witnesses to the footage did not sit idly by and told the national park that a desperate hiker on Mount Dumpling called for help through the camera.

National park spokeswoman Cynthia Hernandez said that the national park sent a search and rescue team to search for the hiker because he was stuck in the rainy winds and poor visibility. Park rangers found the hiker unharmed a few hours later and transported him to safety.

It was fortunate that when the man stood in front of the camera, there were people watching the broadcast, as there were usually only one or twenty viewers. The weather was very bad on the mountain that day, and there was really no place to hide there, and no field force either.

It is not yet known who the wanderer is and how he got into trouble.


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