New iPhone Release…Worth It?

Everyone is in an uproar about the release of the latest iPhone! Some swear that all iPhones are the same and others have already placed their orders.

As college students, we all want to make sure we are getting the bang for our buck!

Is the new iPhone 8, 8+, or X worth purchasing and how would it benefit you to do so?

Tired of carrying your charger around, buying new chargers, and pulling out a tangled cord everywhere you go?

The iPhone 8 is coming to you with a glass back that enables the phone for wireless charging. This allows you to place your phone on any Qi-compatible charger and get a charge in.

The iPhone 8 and X are both smaller in size than the X, for all of you who love to have a phone that fits right in the palm of your hand. If you like big screens and big letters, the 8-Plus might be a better fit for you. Another great aspect is for those that already have the 7, you can slip the case right off your old phone on to the new one–Thanks Apple.

For the people who have the iPhone 7, if you love love love portrait mode (like most people do) you might want to reconsider upgrading. The 8 comes with only one rear camera so that feature is gone. This iPhone 8 has the smallest battery of the 3 releases, yet Apple guarantees the same battery life in the 8 as the 7. The plus actually has the best battery life out of all three phones! You guessed it, if you have the 7 plus, the case can be passed along to your 8 plus.

If you must unlock your phone by simply looking at it, then the iPhone X is your kind of device. You get your Portrait Mode on the FRONT camera on this phone as well as Animojis, which are emojis based off your personal facial expressions. This phone is the most expensive iPhone. There is no home button, you either use FaceID or a passcode.

The phones have about the same camera and processor. They are full of speeds and enabled to capture the best pictures right in time for Homecoming season.

It is up to you if you believe the phones are worth it. The phones range from $700-999 and are already selling fast!

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