New Clothing Line Jumpstarts A New Movement by Warith Jumuah Morgan State Alum

Newark, New Jersey is one of the oldest European cities in the United States. From Queen Latifah to Shaquille O’Neal, this city has birthed various talented individuals as well as game-changers. Among these game changers is Warith Jumuah also known as EL-Amin Jumuah.

Warith is a real, down-to-earth guy that has a heart for moving the culture forward. A fan of 90’s music from Soul for Real and “Candy Rain” to music by Heavy D and Lil Kim, he is very versatile and well-rounded. The most interesting aspects about Warith outside of his work, include his love for cooking, martial arts movies, spoken word, and dogs…that’s right…he’s a dog lover!

Being raised on one of the worst blocks in Newark, Warith experienced a lot of adversity that shaped him into being the young man he is today. Blessed to have both parents in his life, he grew up the youngest of 5 boys and spent a lot of time finding his wave. Although his parents did their best to shelter their children, at a young age, Warith was introduced to the harsh world around him. From dealing with family and peers interacting with drug and gang violence, to seeing fights right outside his home, Warith was exposed to a lot of different forms of what life could be. At only 9 years old, he recalls a shootout across the street from his home that resulted in a bullet through his grandmother’s window just downstairs from him. Having a mother with a doctorate degree and a career in education and a father who pushed his children to establish more for themselves, Warith went off to Morgan State and majored in elementary education. After being laid off from his job, he knew that he did not want to keep going through this cycle. These experiences initiated a dream in Warith, that he put to fruition in his own clothing line called Passionate Rebel.

Passionate Rebel was established in 2014, birthed with $50 from an unemployment check and a lot of support. Warith has traveled to many different states, high schools, and colleges with his team (his cousins who are more like his sisters) spreading Passionate Rebel’s name and message to people of various backgrounds with dreams. They have received recognition and awards such as the “30 under 30” award and the invitation to deliver a commencement speech to young graduates and yet he still remains both humble and hungry for more.  Like many young boys, he dreamed of being a ninja. The same martial arts shows and movies that to this day allow him to go back to that same place, where years ago he sat dreaming of one day fighting off bad guys. But now, he fights off bad guys in a different way. Day in and day out, Warith and his team for Passionate Rebel fight off negativity and lost hope. The message behind Passionate Rebel speaks to the person of any age that has allowed society to input fear in their hearts when it comes to taking risks.

Passionate Rebel is more than just a clothing line, it is a movement. A movement to empower, inspire, and of course push the culture forward. The logo: a bear with a graduation cap, glasses, and a button down is a conversation piece for many “Honestly, it’s a representation of myself” Warith tells Campus Lately. He wants young people to know that there are many avenues to achieving your dreams and rebel against not following their passion. Starting Passionate Rebel wasn’t easy, Warith described how quick you can get caught up in dollar signs and get deterred from your passion. At first, he felt as though “Everybody does a fashion line” but he knew Passionate Rebel was going to be more than that, so he persevered. Now, you can find Passionate Rebel on hoodies, T-shirts, and even Snapbacks.  From career days, to motivational speaking to community service events with the teens, Passionate Rebel is more than involved with the betterment of the neighborhood and society as a whole. He definitely aspires to leave a giant footprint on the world and Passionate Rebel is making it all possible. In the near future, Warith sees Passionate Rebel going global and multicultural. People see the genuine personality and dig the style, logo, and of course what it all stands for and they have no problem joining and supporting the movement. His advice to someone with a similar entrepreneurship mind set would be to “Allow your passion to stimulate your hustle”, practice selflessness, remember you are only as big as your team, money will be up sometimes and down others, and to keep in mind that this is not an overnight process. He says “rather inactive or active in this culture, you are still making an impact.”

You can support the movement too. Passionate Rebel can be found on Facebook:

Instagram: @passionaterebel

Or their Website:


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