Black Collegiate Book Club: A Place of Nights: War and Resurrection By Oloye Ifa Karade

A Place of Nights: War and Resurrection

Oloye Ifa Karade

            Princess Emina stands defiantly before the council. In an attempt to justify her actions, she cries out for the world to hear: “I will not be with anyone I do not love.” Her rebellious nature angers King Adefemi, her father, and he exacts law for her refusal to comply with the arranged marriage. Forsaking her royal duty because “her heart belongs to another” will not go unpunished. Her sentence: Exile to the distant colony of Janjure. Time passes and Emina adapts to her strange, new life. In secret, she meets with an old aboriginal who initiates her into the spiritual ways of his people. One night, feral pirates attack the colony and feast on the captives. Choosing suicide over torture, Emina plunges into the lake. Her struggle awakens Buluku, the dragon god, and he resurrects her. Emina must now return so that she can stop the wars that plague humankind –beginning with her father’s aggressive invasion of Janjure. Unable to halt her father’s tyrannical madness, Emina returns to the lake. Overcome with guilt, she reasons that by changing herself she can also change the horrible events that surround her –she must resurrect again. Her solemn request is granted, but she’ll have no memory of what led to her death. She must, as Buluku’s priestess, deliver his ultimatum to the nations: “Find salvation and ultimate peace before heaven does or be obliterated.”

About the Author
Oloye Ifa Karade, a.k.a. Baba Ifa Karade, is the author of the bestselling reference guide, The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts. He has also published several other texts reflecting the Yoruba/Ifa culture to include his recent novelA Place of Nights: War and Resurrection. He has travelled to Kenya, Nigeria, the Caribbean, Brazil, Netherlands, and throughout the U.S. He’s been a keynote lecturer and/or panelist at colleges across the U.S. and Orisha Conferences throughout the world. He has also worked with chaplains in prison systems and assisted in the development of religious studies among inmates. After a hiatus of several years, he now writes speculative fiction applying the religious tenets of Yoruba/Ifa (and other eastern religious and philosophical traditions). He’s been a high priest/babalawo for over four decades. He holds a degree in Africana Studies from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ and is a retired NJ secondary school teacher. He currently serves as an adjunct professor of English at Essex County College, Newark, NJ.
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